Fitting Women's Safety Footwear

Posted by Gordon Fraser on

Work and Safety is a worldwide authority on footwear and fitting with over 30 years experience. 

Safety footwear is designed to protect your feet in the event that something heavy gets dropped on them or rolls over them. Depending on the type of work you do you can choose from our extensive range of women's safety boots, safety shoes or safety trainers. Safety footwear also has varying degrees of anti-slip and anti-puncture from below. Please keep in mind this type of footwear is not designed to fit like a normal boot or shoe.  There needs to be room at the toe, around 6-8mm.

A safety boot is best worn ideally with a slightly thicker, more cushioned sock and should feel more spacious around the forefoot area than normal footwear and there should be no rubbing.

So, please don't try to squeeze your feet into safety footwear, your foot will come off worse!

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