Four Tips for Keeping Your Feet Cool and Comfortable

Posted by Gordon Fraser on

Long, hot days make it difficult to focus sometime, especially when sweat builds up, discomfort creeps up on you and the strain on your feet impacts on you and your work. 

While there are numerous solutions that are recommended to reduce sweat and the odour that comes with it, there are four simple tips that you can use that will allow you to continue to work comfortably.

  1. Wear the Correct Socks

A simple change in the socks that you wear can make a big impact on overall foot health and comfort. Socks made from merino wool are recommended as merino wool is breathable, wicks moisture, is naturally anti-microbial and is easy to maintain. Cotton is not a good fibre to use as it does not breathe and soaks up moisture like a bathroom towel, therefore, holding it next to your skin and making you feet feel uncomfortable.

Once moisture has been wicked away, it is more easily evaporated, allowing you to feel cooler and more comfortable all day long!  

      2.) Wash or Change Your Socks Daily 

We all know that odour is caused by bacteria.  As bacteria continue to increase, the odour becomes more difficult to manage. It becomes embedded in the fibres of the footwear itself. To prevent bacteria build-up, start by changing and washing your socks daily. Frequent sweating creates the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow. By reducing the amount of sweat that is trapped within the socks and that is in-turn transferred to the footwear itself, odour build-up can be reduced. If you are working in warm temperatures throughout the day, increase your comfort by bringing a number of pairs of socks to change into throughout the day. It helps to use talcum powder on sweaty feet tp help dry the skin between the toes especially.

      3.) Let Safety Boots and Shoes Dry Out! 

Wearing good quality socks and ensuring that you use a clean pair every day can help reduce sweating, bacteria growth and odour. However, sometimes you need a little extra help to reduce sweat and odour build-up.

Here’s a W&S Tip: To absorb unpleasant sweat and odour, just crumple-up newspaper and place it in your footwear. Leave the newspaper in there overnight, or whenever you’re not wearing them, and you'll smell the difference it makes! 

      4.) Utilise Boot & Shoe Freshener 

If odour caused by bacteria is continually a struggle for you to manage, neutralise the odour with a spray specifically created to handle the toughest of unwanted smells. You can find these in the supermarket or chemist. 

So, in a nutshell, to stay cool and comfortable; wear high-quality merino socks, change them every day and keep the linings of your footwear as dry as possible and bacteria-free. 

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