Muck Boot Sizing

As leaders in the field of safety footwear and experts in footwear fitting we enjoy providing advice to our customers.

Muck Boots are sized big in order that you can comfortably wear them with a thicker sock. This is how they are designed. They also come with a very thick, cushioned insole to keep your feet comfortble, warm and well insulated.

So, if you are buying a size 8 it's going to feel like and 9 if you are wearing them with thin socks. A really handy tip if you need more space, either width or length, is to remove the insole. This will increase the available space and volume inside.  

It's also worth noting that Muck Boots pack-down with time and get a little bigger all-round. 

Confused? Let me explain and summarise. What you need to do is buy your normal UK shoe size and be prepared to wear a thicker sock with your Muck Boots.  Or, buy them a size down and remove the factory insole for a few weeks to let the boots pack down and then replace the insole and wear them with normal socks.

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