Dunlop Safety Wellingtons Dunlop Puro Thermo+ Safety Wellington - Green

Dunlop Puro Thermo+ Safety Wellington - Green

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A strong, durable Purofort boot for a variety of uses in the agricultural sector. Excellent thermal insulation for temperatures down to -50C.
  • Impact and compression resistant toe cap
  • Anti-static and an energy absorbing heel
  • Waterproof polymere upper
  • Penetration resistant midsole
  • Resistant to temperatures down to -40 degrees celcius
  • Slip resistance SRC - Resistance against slipping on both ceramic and steel surfaces covered with water and cleaning products
  • Resistant to disinfectant & various chemicals.
  • Resistant to minerals, vegetable oils & fats, blood, manure
  • Complies with ISO20345 Safety Standards

Models: C662933