Caterpillar NEW Parker Wide-Fitting Mens Safety Boot with Steel Toe Cap

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CAT NEW Parker Wide-Fitting Men's Safety Boot with Steel Toe Cap and Composite midsole plate.

Stylish light industrial and service boot designed for the modern workplace, ideally suited to light duty environments. This boot is hard-wearing, lightweight & comfortable due to the EASE midsole & leather upper.

  • Impact and compression resistant 200 Joule steel toe cap
  • Anti-static and energy absorbing heel
  • Composite Midsole Plate
  • Penetration resistant to 1100 Newtons
  • High heat resistance to 300 degrees Celcius
  • Slip resistance SRC - Resistance against slipping on both ceramic and steel surfaces covered with water and cleaning products
  • EVA Midsole Construction
  • Removable ERGO Countoured Footbed
  • T1230 outsole
  • Suitable for stockroom, distribution, site manager & light industrial
  • S1P
  • HRO
  • SRA