First steps to achieving the best fit in a safety boot.

Posted by Gordon Fraser on is a worldwide authority on footwear and fitting.

Feet are like snowflakes. No two are the same. Footwear is made on a foot shape, which used to be made of wood, this is called a 'Last'.  Every brand has a different 'Last' and each brand decides how to shape their Lasts the way they think their fit should be.  So, when it comes to fitting safety boots we firstly need to understand how our different brands fit due to their shape and design.

Then we need to make the two fit each other.  This is our 'secret sauce' using knowledge built up over the last 30 years of fitting feet to footwear.

Safety footwear needs to be as comfortable as your favourite footwear. In your life, you probably spend more time working than sleeping.  Let us help to make your working life not only as safe as it can be, but also as comfortable.

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